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Osteoren is a cream that contains small particles but is drug-free. It is used to treat osteoarthritis, particularly that affecting the knee area. We asked a panel of specialists in rheumatology, complementary medicine and nutrition to look for and evaluate the evidence on the safety and effectiveness of Osteoren.

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Their evaluations showed that from an entirely scientific point of view, it is not yet possible to know exactly how it works or whether it is more effective than passing a completely inactive cream to the knee.

We also do not have enough information to say if there are possible safety problems, due to the small number of patients studied in clinical trials of Osteoren.

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Osteoren was originally developed to bring medicinal substances directly to the knee in order to alleviate the symptoms of osteoarthritis. It was then used as a comparator in studies where some preparations brought medicines to the knee joint. The results of the experiments suggest that particles can have positive effects when they do not contain any drugs.

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The developers of Osteoren ensure that as the cream dries out, the particles that make it up search for water and move through the skin to the knee joint. They ensure that these particles bind to the cartilage, which helps "lubricate" the joint, reducing stiffness and pain.

Another theory is that particles absorb inflammatory chemicals or break down into chemicals that reduce inflammation and pain.

There are no scientific studies to prove any of these theories, so so far we don't understand how it works.

In the experiments with Osteoren, only a small number of participants who used the cream reported side effects. In these cases, the skin was usually affected, causing:

Only a small number of participants have used Osteoren in randomised controlled trials. The treatment during these trials had a duration of several weeks, so we do not know what effects, if any, long-term use might have.

We will have a better understanding of any safety issues when we have information about long-term studies with more participants.

Because Osteoren does not contain any drugs, it is not expected to interact with other drugs. However, we do not have enough information to be sure of this.

After thinking about it for quite some time, I recently decided to buy Osteoren. Giving birth to my daughter was hard on my joints, because it's not easy to carry a 10kg baby for 30 days or more. And although my PA is quite controlled by Humira, mechanical problems like OA in my back and shoulders have worsened. Although I've tried both with physical training and a couple of pain pills, this isn't always enough and I'm forced to try something new.

The idea behind Osteoren is simple. If you think that osteoarthritis makes you feel like a tinplate man, then Osteoren works like oil. They ensure that they send phospholipids directly to the joint to lubricate it and relieve pain.

After working for many years on health policies and medicines, I am extremely skeptical of anything that claims to relieve arthritis, but Osteoren has definitely surprised me.

Every morning and evening, you rub a little cream over the soft tissue near the sore joint and let it dry (this takes about 10 minutes)

The cream does not have a strong odor, is very refreshing and feels good (much better compared to ibruprofen or diclofenac). My first experience with the cream was when I applied it to my back: I have osteoarthritis and I had my doubts as to whether this would have any positive effect. Back pain is difficult to treat and Osteoren did not help much. I tried the cream on my shoulder and felt relieved.

The joint felt more comfortable and less stiff. Its effect is not very powerful, but it helps. Finally, I showed the cream to a friend with OA at the base of her thumb and index finger and found it very good in the morning, when her hands were stiff. She noticed that the cream worked from the beginning but did not notice that it was increasing or decreasing its effectiveness in the next 5 days of testing.

I think our results were different because of particular conditions between us. I have an autoimmune condition (psoriatic arthritis) and therefore I have an underlying inflammation already widespread as well as the effects of OA. I'm used to using strong pills for pain and I'm hard on my body (like


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