Redupexal – New name to deceive customers again

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The Fito Spray is an alleged aid for slimming and should prevent hunger attacks by spraying in the mouth. The product promises weight loss of up to 40 kilograms. Since the spray consists mainly of vitamins, however, the effect can be denied from the ingredients. In addition, there are dubious sales methods and, worse still, fake advertising photos of allegedly successful customers that never existed.

Behind the product is a Polish company that offers a wide range of these supposed miracle cures:

However, these products are not backed by a health or fitness company, but by the Internet agency White Dot Seo, which specializes in making Google's websites quickly accessible.

That this is not necessarily connected with the philosophy of a serious slimming remedy should be obvious to everyone. The company's structure is almost always very similar to that of these companies, it is simply an attempt to sell as many products as possible by deliberately deceiving customers.

Most recently, we uncovered a practically identical construct with Chocolate Slim and the "advertising agency" AdCombo. Here the responsible persons in Russia are located and offer beside slimming products also various other products, e. g. against varicose veins, face creams, anti-aging products and preparations for potency increase and penis extension.

On Google you will also find many before and after photos from other consumer portals that are not connected to the Fito Spray product.

Counterfeit pharmacy news is also reported several times, on which the product is mistakenly described and promoted as a health recommendation and promoting. On the fitospray. eu website, the design of the women's magazine Brigitte is even falsified to inspire confidence in female customers.

These ad forgeries should convey a serious impression and distract from the actual ineffectiveness. Alone due to these very questionable advertising methods should be advised against buying and believing in the described methods of effect.

The conspicuous sales process is also alarming. With numerous psychological tricks, the provider tries to force potential customers to buy. Time pressure in sales plays a major role here. In Germany, this advertising method is even prohibited under competition law. This gives the customer the impression that he only has a few moments left to order the product. Afterwards, this would no longer be possible and there would be long waiting times due to low stocks. This causes enormous time pressure on the customer, he may even dispense with the necessary research into possible side effects and will regret his purchase afterwards. In addition, the price of 39€ is not insignificant. Since it is not possible to find precise information on the quantity of content anywhere, the price seems to be quite arbitrary and unfounded. This way, the customer can experience no monthly costs.

The ingredients are made from the natural ingredients of goji berries, mango extract, acai berries, garcinia cambogia and green coffee. The fact that the active ingredients Garcinia Cambogia and green coffee are completely ineffective in slimming products has already been proven for some time. We have reported here on the scandal about fake studies on green coffee.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract has become a new trend for many years with regard to the ingredients of slimming products. The tropical plant is known as tamarind and has gained media attention by promoting the American TV doctor Dr. Oz. Since then, the rumor has persisted that Garcinia Cambogia would actively help with the slimming process. Since then, the American physician has repeatedly been threatened by the American Medical Association to withdraw his medical license, as he regularly uses his fame to advertise unscientific products and methods for purely financial reasons. After the enzyme contained in the plant was declared ineffective, a number of side effects also occurred. Twice as many people suffer from stomach pain and intestinal diseases as people who have not taken the product.

Green coffee is the term used to describe coffee beans before roasting. These are also advertised in the Fito Spray as a miracle cure for slimming. However, the fact that this is not the case and even causes severe organ damage and cardiovascular problems has been confirmed in recent years by more and more scientific studies. In addition, studies on the efficacy of green coffee have been deliberately falsified and manipulated. Doctors even warn against eating and drinking

Fito Spray

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